Sandstorm 4A Tankbag
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Sandstorm 4A Tankbag

Price:S$350.00 | Part No: LUTA-007   | Stock No: 50184

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In stock

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Designed specifically for the R1200GS and Adventure (both oil and liquid cooled), the Sandstorm 4A is the pinnacle of Enduristan design – expandable, waterproof, and solidly mounted, this very well may be the last tank bag you buy!

With Enduristan’s Expandable Volume Technology, the tankbag’s volume is continuously adjustable between 13 and 20 liters. To expand the tank bag, simply release the two velcro straps and pull the outer part upwards. To reduce the volume, simply pull the straps until the required volume is reached – a simple and very comfortable solution. The side walls are stiffened and a waterproof membrane between the sliding parts avoids the intrusion of water and dust.


Fully waterproof (no need for a separate rain cover!)
Expandable volume technology
Preshaped floor for perfect fit to the BMW R1200GS (works great on other similar tanks!)
Removable inside document pouch (like Sandstorm 3E)
Divider with zipper pocket
Frontside organizer with zipper pocket
New cable duct for chargers and the like for main compartment
New cable duct for map pocket
New removable outside pocket
Outside pocket can be attached to a belt
Possibility to store the ROKstraps inside the floor construction so they do not get in the way if the tankbag is carried by the optional shoulder strap


Measurements – 15″ L x 10″ W x 10″ H
Capacity – 13-20L


Deluxe Shoulder Strap with premium ergonomics
Additional set of rear fastening buckles: If you own more than one bike, attach a set of connecting buckles on each of them for simplicity and comfort.
Additional front fastening strap for your second bike: Install it once, never bother about adjustments again.


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