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Who we are?


BHH is ISO 9001 certified to assure our clients of the utmost in service quality control. Our fully computerized operations keep a tight rein on all activities in the workshop and provide a detailed history of all bikes under our care. Clients can rest assured that their vehicles’ health are being maintained and monitored with the utmost professionalism.


Ban Hock Hin Co., Pte Ltd (BHH) has received the bizSAFE Level 3 certification awarded by Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council. Certificate no. E33369 attained on 13/04/2019.

The bizSAFE Level 3 certification recognises the commitment of the organisation towards workplace safety standards. Ban Hock Hin Co., Pte Ltd (BHH) is now part of the bizSAFE community as a bizSAFE Enterprise.

Ban Hock Hin provides a comprehensive range of two-wheeler solutions to a wide spectrum of customers.

Changing market and customer needs have inspired BHH to develop innovative service & product solutions for the industry:

Rental and leasing services of two-wheelers to individuals and fleet owners are available on a short or long term basis. > Read More

Comprehensive maintenance services eliminate both individuals’ and fleet owners’ hassles, vagaries and inconvenience of keeping their vehicles in tip top condition and on the road. > Read More

Fleet owners who need fast turn-around and professional services in starting up or expanding their fleet can rely on BHH’s full range of vehicles, accessories and services. > Read More

Customers needing specialized and customized transport solutions have turned to BHH’s innovative engineering services. > Read More

BHH’s range of motorcycles, scooters and accessories makes it a convenient one-stop shop for a wide range of customers.> Read More

Rider Coaching services to level up rider skills to so that they are Safer! Our very own 3C certified Coach, Mr Rex Tan, will be able to tailor coaching curriculum to suit the needs and budget. >Read More



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3. Upload your selfie to Instagram and/or Facebook, assign hashtag #ilovebhh80.

4. Get 8 or more likes from your postings and you will be eligible for the discount booklet

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