Yamaha Champions Riding School

Motorcycle Training Classes

YCRS’s training curriculum is based on Champion’s Habits. The techniques and skills that the best riders in the world use to either go faster, stay safer, or both! If nine of the top ten riders are all doing a similar technique, wouldn’t you agree that there is a good chance it’s the right way to do it? That’s Champions Habits. We did not invent them but we have polled the best and use these skills for many years, proving that they just plain work! We’ve also been very successful at highlighting how our motorcycles are designed to be ridden. The motorcycles are often designed by these best riders in the world so it is easy to see how the Champions Habits usually mirror how our bikes are meant to be ridden.


ChampSchool is our famed two-day training curriculum originally designed for the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School in the 90s, based on what we call “Champions Habits”. “Champions Habits” are the techniques that the best riders in the world are using. If nine of the top ten riders are all doing a similar technique, that is what we teach. To be a Champion, you must not only be able to go fast but do it without falling down. These are the riders we want to emulate. It’s all about the technique, the speed will come. Said best by one of our high ranking Marine Corps Safety Officers in 2014, “Before ChampSchool, every turn was a gamble, after YCRS every turn is complete control”. This is what Champions Habits are all about; the habits that can help you go faster, stay safer or do both.

A combination of drills, lead-follow lapping, open lapping, discussions, on-track demonstrations, and on-track video recording will help our students meet their goals and exceed their expectations. Students will enjoy lapping in passenger vans with a pro behind the wheel so they can hear what the instructor is thinking and doing in each corner of the track. Students will be videotaped from behind on day one, then critiqued, and again on day two to see their improvements and what they still need to work on.

ChampSchool is still two days and still known around the US as the top tier rider training program in the country, often said to fill the space at the tippy-top of the motorcycle training “food” pyramid touting a 4:1 (5:1 MAX) student to instructor ratio.


• 4:1 Student to Instructor ratio for the entire 2 days
• BYOB or rent one of our pristine Yamahas
• Aimed at any rider, street or track
• Each student filmed each day
• Some of the classroom learning happens in a van at speed!
• Breakfast, lunch and day-one dinner provided
• Notebook and drinks provided
• Techniques and principles covered include trail-braking, mid-corner stops, visual habits, champions’ approaches that bring consistency, traction studies, tire and suspension loading, steering-geometry adjustability, mental focus tips, track changes that mimic the real world, rear-brake drills, rider-adjustment drills
• Curriculum designed by Nick Ienatsch and Chris Peris (Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School instructor and graduate)

Carol was new to riding, ready to quit, until she came to CHAMPSCHOOL.

That time Thor’s trainer came to CHAMPSCHOOL.

Mark talks about our semi-private graduate program.