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We are authorised workshop in Singapore with at least 8 Insurance companies and expanding.

Our service team provides hassle-free claims from giving you accurate repair estimates to proof of diagnostics and providing maintenance schedules for both you & your insurance company.

For the experienced motorcyclist and enthusiast, our qualified and trained technicians will “go the extra mile” and provide the quality of service and support demanded, to ensure the ownership and riding experience is second to none.

Authorised Workshop

We are the authorised workshop for the following brands/insurers
Steps to do when involve in the accidents


Call 999. If anyone is injured. Do not move vehicles unless necessary.


RESCUE HOTLINE Call Your Insurer’s Hotline for a Tow-Truck or further advice on the accident.


TAKE PHOTOS Accident scene, license plate, damage vehicles, road conditions + save cam video footage.


COLLECT INFORMATION Exchange driver contact, insurance company and contact detail of witnesses.


Report to our centres with your vehicle within 24hours or next working day.
Get In Touch

Our insurance representative will answer any questions you may have about our products and planning.


Workshop appointed by the insurance company to do the repair work after an accident.

Likewise, you can go to your preferred workshop if you have opted for Any Workshop – usually with an additional premium.

All accidents should be reported to insurance companies within 24 hours, or by the next working day.

You can contact us for insurance claims representatives at our hotline +(65)6281-6520 for more advise.
The MCF states that the end of the next working day is the timeframe for reporting – meaning if the accident happens on a Saturday night, then Monday would be the next working day.
When it comes to repairs auto insurance companies generally prefer you to choose from their own list of authorised workshops, as this cuts down on their costs. This means that you tend to pay a cheaper premium if you opt for the car insurer’s authorised workshop as opposed to your own garage or dealer’s workshop. That said, there are some circumstances in which you may want to pay extra to use your own workshop.

If you bring your accident motorcycle vehicles which was insured and appointed by the list of insured company on our workshop, there are no fees or charges involved in the reporting process.

Appointment is always preferred, but you can also walk in. However, the duration of the servicing will be dependent priority to our availability.

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