Sheng Cai Sng
July 25, 2022
Bought a 3 years old 2nd hand bike and 1st visit to BHH for engine oil replacement and also a health check on it's reliability as will be using the bike on a mode of transport daily for work from East to west. Was greeted by friendly staffs early Saturday morning dated 11th-Dec-2021 and especially Ms Shi Wei followed by Mr Jack whom attended on me. Mr Jack patiently addressed me on the engine oil replacement following a battery and air filter inspection. Appreciated on the 2 Mechanics whom took strenuous effort to remove flaring and fuel tank just to access to the battery and air filter. Am much shocked to learn that the stock parts for battery, air filter and even the spark plug had deteriorated. Mr Jack shared on each abnormalities findings and No obligation or hard selling was placed me. Decided to get those stock parts replaced and great effort to BHH team to source the parts and even wash my bike delivered before 6pm on their knock off time. Great team and quality job. Keep in up!